Formulation and Evaluation of Aloevera and Dacus Carota herbal cream


  • SHARMILA DUSI Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University, M.B Road, Sec – 3, PushpVihar, New Delhi



Herbal Cream, O/W emulsion, pH, Synergistic action, Cucumis Sativus, Dacus Carota


Herbal cosmetics are becoming common in the field of beauty, fashion. The present study is to formulate and evaluate the herbal cream containing extracts of natural products such as Aloe Vera, Cucumis Sativus and Daucus Carota. Different types of oil in water (O/W) herbal creams are preparing by changing concentrations of ingredients. The evaluations of all formulations were done on different parameters like pH; viscosity, spreadibilty, and stability were examined. Formulations should not show any adverse effects. The formulation shows no redness, edema, inflammation, and irritation during irritancy studies. These formulations are safe to use for skin. These studies suggest that the composition of extracts and base of cream are more stable and safe, it may produce synergistic action.




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DUSI, S. (2023). Formulation and Evaluation of Aloevera and Dacus Carota herbal cream. International Journal of Pharmacy Research & Technology (IJPRT), 10(1), 31–36.



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